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Dandelion is known worldwide by a variety of names including lion's tooth, fairy clock, priest's crown, swine's snout, blowball, milk gowan, wild endive, wet-a-bed, white endive, cankerwort, puffball, and Irish daisy. Throughout history, dandelion has often been regarded as an unwanted weed. The plant most likely originated in Asia and spread throughout the world, preferring cooler climates and moist, nitrogen-rich soils at altitudes of less than 6,000 feet. The root is most commonly used, but the leaves and the whole plant may be used also. In addition to herbal medicinal uses, dandelion can be used as a nutritious food and beverage. Leaves are used raw in salads and sandwiches, or are used for tea. The roots can be used to make a coffee substitute and the flowers are often used for wine and schnapps
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