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Sweet-Scented Violet. "Gather them while ye may.... " Napolean's Josephine wore Violet perfume because it's unique quality; the chemical ionone makes it "disappear" to the nose then "reappear" later. Josephine's was the first recorded case of using this lovely trick deliberately to make herself more alluring. Demeter's Violet, a staple of the perfumer's palette, is a deep and rich that can increase your allure, as well. The Violet family comprises over 200 species, widely distributed in the temperate and tropical regions of the world, those natives of Europe, Northern Asia and North America being wholly herbaceous, whilst others, native of tropical America and South America, where they are abundant, are trees and shrubs. The flowers are generally deep purple, giving their name to the color that is called after them, but lilac, pale rose-colored or white variations are also frequent, and all these tints may sometimes be discovered in different plants growing on the same bank. Violets were mentioned frequently by Homer and Virgil, and are referred to by Shakespeare in Hamlet and Pericles, and by Milton in Lycidas. So you can be literary and smell good at the same time.
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