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Best of 2016 1 oz Set

Limited Edition
Baby Shampoo, Myrrh, Cupcake

Be the best-smelling one in the room! Our limited edition Best of 2016 set offers an electric selection of all your new favorites from 2016.

This limited edition trio is now yours to enjoy at a very special price.

The freshest, cleanest, happiest smell imaginable.

Warm, spicy, radiant and sensual, Myrrh is a classic and ancient fragrance ingredient, and like Frankincense, was one of the three gifts the Three Kings gave to Baby Jesus.  It is also an aromatic tree resin like Frankincense and has been used throughout history as a perfume, incense and for medicinal purposes.

Demeter’s Cupcake is the simplest, most classic version imaginable - fresh, soft and warm unadulterated vanilla frosting on vanilla cake.

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