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Winter Collection 1 oz Set

Winter Collection – Foolproof Blending Trio
Siberian Pine, Royal Apricot, Rooibos Red Tea

We chose the fragrances in the Winter Collection because they were appropriate for and reflective of the season. We also chose them because they comprise a Foolproof Blending Trio.  That means while beautiful to wear alone, these scents can be layered directly on the skin in any combination and proportion, and they will always work well together. Create your own personal blend, always knowing it will come out right.

An evocative, soft blue-green pine scent, with just a touch of the fresh coolness of Siberia.

The Siberian 'Pine' (also known in the West as the Siberian Cedar) is one off the most beautiful and majestic trees on the Earth. Ever since the very earliest times it has been considered a life-giving, healing tree.

Demeter’s Royal Apricot is a bright, festive and fresh Apricot scent that works anytime, anywhere.

The soft, smooth yellow-pink skin of the Royal Apricot Tree is visually attractive making it an extremely popular variety. The Royal Apricot Tree produces large oval sweet and delicious fruit. These valuable fruits are excellent for fresh eating, drying and preserving.

A gentle, warm and sensual fragrance, our Rooibos Red Tea fragrance contains sharp, fruity notes of of Pomegranate, Orange Zest, Blueberries and Acai berries.

Rooibos is a red herbal tea popularized in South Africa, and known as Red Bush Tea in the United Kingdom.

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