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4th Of July 1 oz Set - Raspberry, Vanilla Ice Cream, Blueberry

Limited Edition Foolproof Blending Trio

Express your independence with our Limited Edition ?4th of July Foolproof Blending Set, and ignite your creativity with the freedom to create your own personal scent.

This creamy, cool and fruity trio will create a blazing blend that’s perfect for a hot summer day! And, Demeter is Made in the USA, so what could be better?

Create your own unique scent by blending thee fragrances directly on the skin in any proportion or combination.  You may also choose to enjoy the beauty of their individuality by wearing them each separately. Either way, we hope these scents bring you happiness and pleasure.

Bright, fresh and tangy. We’ve captured the memory of a perfect summer day in a bottle.

Vanilla Ice Cream
Sinfully rich, bright, warm and inviting. Just like the summer's day that inspired it.

Truly an American scent. Demeter’s Blueberry is an exquisite fragrance with just the right notes to bring the amazing Blueberry to life.

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