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Behind the Scenes at a Glamour Video

Behind the Scenes at a Glamour VideoI had the pleasure of consulting and providing Demeter fragrances for a Conde Nast project at Glamour. The idea was to have a trio of young men blend fragrances for their girlfriends, using Demeter's single note fragrances as the elements to build a more complex scent that tells the couple's story.

This was different than our usual blending and layering efforts, where our goal is to make your experience Foolproof.  This project was designed to show both the difficulty of the process, and the satisfaction of a great, personalized result.  So I did not give them much direction, but I loved the results, and curtesy of Glamour and Conde Nast, we can share them here with you. I hope you enjoy the result as much as I did.

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