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Fragrance can change the way you feel

Mark D Crames, CEOI have spent over 30 years in the fragrance industry.  I started in fragrance in 1985 because of a simple idea; that a beautiful smell can change the way you feel and lift your spirits. Since then, I have watched that simple ideal get buried under a mountain of marketing, focus groups and obfuscation passed off as mystery and sexuality.  And don't forget outright gobbledygook:  read a designer fragrance description lately?  It's a problem that the basic marketing of an entire category has devolved into a parody of itself.

At Demeter, since 1996, we have tried to do our part to cut through the noise and clutter to deliver an affordable, fabulous and simple fragrance experience. Because when you smell something you love, you smile.  And the world needs more smiles.

This blog is a place where we can talk about anything to do with scent, and the different ways it can affect how we feel.  It is my hope we can have some fun, peak your interest about scent, and maybe learn something along the way - a bit about fragrance, and a bit about ourselves, because the best fragrance should be a reflection of what we love.

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