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Chinese Tea Trio 1 oz Set - Baihao Yinzhen Tea, Silvery Tip Pekoe, Green Tea

Limited Edition Foolproof Blending Trio

By C.S. Lewis
“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

At Demeter, we take our Tea seriously and to celebrate Chinese New Year, we’ve developed this extraordinary foolproof blend using our Asian tea fragrances.

Create your own unique and foolproof scent by blending these fragrances directly on the skin, in any proportion or combination. Or, use the scent strips provided in each kit to test different combinations.  You may also choose to enjoy the beauty of their individuality by wearing them each separately. Either way, we hope these scents bring you happiness and pleasure.

A deep, green scent with deep wood notes complimented by lighter citrus tones.  It is more complex, masculine and deeper that it's Silvery Tip cousin

A clean and light green scent with citrus notes and light florals notes.   Fresh and invigorating, the scent is inspired by the expensive and luxurious Silvery Tip Pekoe white tea, mostly from the Fujian and Zhejiang provinces in China.

Green tea leaves are said to eliminate stress and make you feel younger. Our Green Tea is a soft, rounded fragrance, with a fresh green, slightly spicy scent.

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