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Chocolate 1 oz Set

Chocolate – Foolproof Blending Trio
Chocolate Mint, Moonbeam, Dark Chocolate

By Judith Viorst, Love and Guild and the Meaning of Life, Etc.
“Strength is the capacity to break a Hershey Bar into four pieces with your bare
hands – and then eat just one of the pieces.”

Chocolate is smooth, sensual and maybe a little egotistical. Chocolate always
wants to be the center of attention, and it usually is.  Of course, those same
qualities can be a bit overwhelming, so not surprisingly, Chocolate is one of the
most difficult scents to blend with, because it ALWAYS wants to be the star.

In this Foolproof Blending Trio, we chose not to fight nature and make Chocolate
the complete center of attention.  And, we did it with different approaches to
Chocolate that still blend well together.

• Chocolate Mint, with its mild chocolate scent and herbal, fresh quality
• Moonbeam, with vanilla and floral undertones
• Chocolate Chip Cookie, oh so smooth, sweet and comforting

This trio should satisfy Chocolate lovers EVERYWHERE.

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