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Christmas Memories Mini Set

Candy Cane, Gingerbread, Mistletoe, Christmas In New York

While these bottles of Demeter’s charming holiday scents may be miniatures, there is nothing small about the scents inside. Smell like the Holidays all year round with our Christmas Memories Mini Set.

Showcasing 4 of Demeter’s festive favorites, each scent tells its own story. Enjoy this set of holiday magic in this limited edition set at a great price too.

Peppermint Candy Canes are fabulous Christmas treats and decorations, but can be a bit overwhelming as a fragrance. So we made Candy Cane Truffle, using the chocolate notes to soften, round and balance the peppermint of the candy cane. The result is a surprisingly sophisticated, and shockingly wearable fragrance.

Demeter's Gingerbread is a rich, spicy ginger scent that is extremely warm and sexy.  If Hansel and Gretel had only had this, things might have been very, very different.

Deep, unisex and evergreen. Our Mistletoe fragrance will transport you to the very heart of a wintry forest, and whip up romance.

Christmas in New York is a special time in a special place. It took the genius of Demeter Fragrance Library to capture that special moment in time in scent: Egg Nog, Spices, Apples and roasting chestnuts, all the elements that are uniquely New York at Christmas-time.

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