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Clean and Cleaner Humongous Mini Set

Rain, Laundromat, Gin & Tonic, Pure Soap

Good things come in small packages. In our Clean and Cleaner HUMONGOUS Mini set, you'll find 4 individual 1/2 oz cologne splashes in our most popular clean scents that evoke some of the best moments and simplest pleasures of life.

Demeter 's Rain is the cleanest and most delicate of all our fragrances. Step outside and breathe deeply.

Comforting and comfortable, with a distinctive personality, Demeter 's Laundromat is perhaps the freshest, cleanest scent imaginable.

Gin & Tonic
A light, crisp fragrance that is right just about any time and anywhere. Our Gin & Tonic is an essential refreshment from heat, tropical or otherwise.

Pure Soap
Feel "fresh from the shower" clean... anytime... anywhere. There is nothing like the clean smell of freshly showered skin, especially when a pure, unscented soap is used. Demeter 's Pure Soap is a subtle yet powerful scent, the kind of fragrance that is Pure Demeter.

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