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Cornucopia Foolproof Blending Sampler

Limited Edition

Cranberry, Pumpkin Pie, Coriander Tea, Pruning Shears, Violet, Morocco, Ivy, Wisteria

The Freedom to Express Yourself in scent! Create a Fall scent YOUR way with our Cornucopia Blending Sampler. Any way you blend or layer these scents you’ll create the perfect Fall scent for YOU and your lifestyle. Imagine – a fragrance for you that includes only true notes and scents that you love.

This special kit is all about the change of seasons. Leaves are falling, the weather is growing cool and the Holidays are creeping up on us. Big flowers and warm spices are called for. We chose these best-selling and classic fragrance notes to layer or blend any combination or proportion to create your own Fall scent, knowing the result will always be great

The Set
Eight great fragrances to wear alone, or in in any combination or proportion, knowing the result will always be great.

About the Set:

  • Blendable Fragrance Collection
  • Eight scents. Endless combinations
  • Layer scents together, to create custom blends
  • Mixing is easy - spray them right on your skin
  • Follow one of our fun recipes or create your own - You can't go wrong!

Try this sample blend:
1 spray of Coriander Tea
2 Sprays of Pumpkin Pie
3 Sprays of Morocco

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Sampler Set