Dark Flowers Sampler Set

Dark Flowers Sampler Set

Witching Hour, Dark Roses, Vampire Blooms, Transfixed, Mystical Blooms, Shadow Flowers, Ominous Mist, Haunted Souls

Witching Hour: Deep and sensual, without being at all too dark, this fragrance uses exotic ingredients - two kinds of Amber, Blood Orange, and Vanilla Orchid petals - to make this blend unique.

Dark Roses: Rose Water Tea, Thorny Stem Bulgarian Rose Petals, and Davana Blossom are topped with Red Currants and anchored by an earthy Patchouli, Dark Amber and Haitian Vetiver: a deep, dark swirl unlike anything else you have experienced in a Rose-inspired scent.

Vampire Blooms: Poisonous Belladonna, Dracula Orchid, and the Nicotiana plant form the deep, dark heart of this fragrance, rounded with peppery Maile Leaves and Ivy, smoothed and coordinated by a sheer veil of Madagascar Vanilla, White Musk and Mandarin Peel.

Transfixed: The sexy center of this fragrance revolves around Ylang Ylang and Red Poppies, grounded with Tobacco Leaves and Black Vanilla Bean, while taking flights of fancy with a frosty medicinal accord and powdery Coca Petals.

Mystical Blooms: Mystical Blooms is an enchanting fragrance with a core of Night Blooming Orchid and Crimson Dahlia, shrouded in a veil of elusive tobacco and musk notes. . Its top notes exude a hint of enigmatic spices, like Saffron, and unique fruity scents, like Bergamot and Fig Nectar, luring you into an ethereal journey.

As the scent develops, a sense of intrigue intensifies, drawing you deeper into its mysterious allure. Woods and musky undertones emerge, adding an aura of seductive secrecy. Like a moonlit garden under a starless sky, Mystical Blooms captivates with its enigmatic and haunting presence.

This fragrance is for those who embrace the unknown, seeking an olfactory adventure that transcends the boundaries of light and dark, revealing the magic that lies within the shadows. Mystical Blooms leaves an enigmatic trail, tempting others to unravel its secrets, but it remains an enigma, forever elusive and entrancing.

Shadow Flowers: Shadow Flowers is an enigmatic and alluring fragrance that exudes a mysterious and haunting charm. At its core, it embraces a delicate yet intoxicating blend of elusive dark blooms, including Jasmine, Sambac, and fiery Tuberose Absolute, all shrouded in an air of darkness.

The fragrance opens with ethereal wisps of misty dew-kissed sparkling peach and Orange Blossom, evoking the sensation of wandering through a moonlit garden under the cover of night. As it develops, an aura of intrigue deepens with a touch of Patchoui and an Amber accord, adding an alluring complexity to the floral bouquet.

Shadow Flowers captivates with its unique duality, both dark and light, tender and mysterious. It represents the beauty found in the hidden corners of the world, evoking a sense of fascination and wonder.

This fragrance is for those who embrace the enigma of life, seeking a scent that transcends the ordinary and reveals the allure of the unknown. With Shadow Flowers, you'll leave a hauntingly elegant impression, a trail of mesmerizing allure that lingers long after you've passed, inviting others to be drawn into your captivating world of shadows and blooms.

Ominous Mist: Ominous Mist is an intriguing and evocative fragrance that transports you to a realm of mystery and intrigue. At its heart, it entwines a blend of dark notes with bursts of brightness, reminiscent of a dense mist cloaking a hidden forest on a moonless night. Within this enigmatic mist, whispers of Sandalwood, Cedar and a fantasy wood accord create a sense of eerie serenity.

The fragrance opens with a burst of Black Raspberry, Mandarin Orange and Blood Orange, capturing the essence of the mist as it embraces you in its ethereal embrace. As it evolves, hints of aromatic Jasmine and Orange Blossom add depth and complexity to the atmospheric blend.

Ominous Mist encapsulates the allure of the unknown, offering a captivating olfactory journey that dares you to explore and embrace the enigmatic. It is a fragrance for those who embrace their inner darkness, finding beauty in the mysterious and uncharted territories of life.

Haunted Souls: Haunted Souls is an evocative fragrance that delves into the depths of emotions and memories, capturing the essence of souls that linger in the realm of the living. At its core, it intertwines a blend of dark and introspective notes, embodying a deep, melancholic symphony of Patchouli, Smoky Myrrh and Leather.

The fragrance opens with a touch of mystery, like wisps of ethereal mist of Bergamot, Saffron and Coco Blossom, rising from forgotten graves, setting the stage for an immersive olfactory experience. As it evolves, delicate whispers of Midnight Jasmine and Tuberose emerge, adding a sense of nostalgia and timeless elegance.

Haunted Souls encapsulates the essence of introspection and the haunting beauty found in the depths of the human spirit. It is a fragrance for those who embrace their emotions, exploring the shadows of their souls with grace and courage.

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