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Sage, Demeter Naturals

A unique fresh scent infused with light herbal notes and sweet fresh greenery.

The Tea Plant and Sage
From “Literary Fables” by Tomás de Iriarte

From China, once, the Tea-plant coming,
Met with the Sage upon his way.
“Friend,”—said the latter, — “whither roaming?”
“For Europe, where for me they pa
A generous price,” — quoth Tea, — “I’m bound.”
“And I,” — said Sage, — “to China’s market go;
Where I am held in reverence profound
For beverage or for medicine, you know.
In Europe no good fortune waits on me;
A worthless herb, not comparable to thee,
But quite too common there — to shine.
I to your home am sent, and you to mine.

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