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Destination Set 2016 - Ireland, Cuba and New Zealand

1 oz Cologne Sprays
Featuring: Ireland, Cuba and New Zealand

Just as the most powerful sense memories are inspired by scent, so too are place and scent inexorably intertwined, representing special moments when place, scent and memory come together. This set contains three efforts at recreating these special, sometimes ephemeral, moments.

Ireland: Warm, soft and green and watery, clean and fresh. Think of an unspoiled meadow with a river running through it.

Cuba: Inspired by the rich, vibrant nightlife of Havana, this warm, inviting and sensual fragrance uses lush notes of tobacco leaves, green sugar cane and Latin spices to recreate the Cuban experience

New Zealand: A unique combination of the flora of the lowland rainforests of southwestern New Zealand, the rich, loamy soil that develops under the canopy of the rain forest, and the pure, unspoiled rainwater that makes the lush and varied vegetation possible. A fragrance as arresting and as unique as the New Zealand rain forest itself

The Destination Collection labeling is only available in 1 oz and 4 oz cologne sprays.  All other items for these scents are available with our Classic labels.

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1 oz Set