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Just as the most powerful sense memories are inspired by scent, so too are scent and place inexorably intertwined.
That special weekend in the Caribbean. The childhood summer cottage on a lake. Hiking near your home. The perfect
day at the beach. Or an exotic trip to a foreign place. These experiences, and many more like them, represent special
moments when place, scent and memory unite.

At Demeter, we have always been fascinated by the special relationship between scent and place. The Destination Collection
is designed to explore that relationship. The initial Destination Collection consists of three fragrances – one existing favorite,
and two new scents. We will add new scents to the Collection once or twice annually.

We hope these fragrances fascinate and inspire you as much as these places have fascinated and inspired us.

The Destination Collection labeling is only available in 1 oz and 4 oz cologne sprays.
Additional products available in Classic labeling.