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All carrier delivery commitment times
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1) 100 % No Questions Asked Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with your purchase from www.DemeterFragrance.com return it for credit, exchange or refund.

2) Returns
You can return anything you purchased from www.DemeterFragrance.com for credit, exchange or refund.

The only exception is:
.17 oz Mini Purse Spray Sampler is NOT eligible for return/refund.

1/2 oz Cologne Humongous Minis not returnable

Send whatever you would like to return to:
Demeter Fragrance Library
12 North Gate Road
Great Neck NY 11023

Please include all your contact information, order number if available and a brief note explaining the resolution you would like; refund, store credit, or of an exchange, please specify what products you would like as replacements.

Please note we do not cover shipping costs on returns. We will, however, pay any freight on exchanges sent back to you.

International is refund only.

3) Regarding the Alcohol we use:
All Demeter products that contain Alcohol, including our HAND SANITIZER, use unpalatable alcohol that contains BITTEX, a bitter taste agent that renders our products unfit to drink.

4) Does Demeter test on animals?
We do not test on animals, and our suppliers do not test on animals

5) Why do the colors or fragrances sometimes vary?
All Demeter products are either made entirely by hand, or semi-automatically, in small batches. Consequently, there can be variations in color from time to time. Whatever color the product displays, however, is imparted naturally from the fragrance oil. We do not add or use any artificial colors. Indeed, most Demeter colognes are clear.

6) Are your fragrances natural?
Demeter Naturals fragrances are completely natural. And while some Demeter Classic fragrances are all natural, we do use some synthetic ingredients in most Classic fragrances. Generally speaking, the ingredients in our fragrances are at least 95% derived from natural and sustainable sources, and we use no artificial color or Phthalates or parabens.

7) Size Limitations
To some countries we cannot ship a cologne larger than 30 ml. Thus, orders for a 120 ml cologne spray within these countries, will ship four (4) x 30 ml cologne sprays instead.  The price will stay as of the 120 ml item.

8) Legal stuff and Disclaimers
We try to make sure all our descriptions and pricing is correct. Except when it is not. And when it is not right we will not honor the price. But we will contact you to find out what you want to do before we process your order.

9) How do I return a product?
Return whatever you are not happy with to Demeter Fragrance Library, 12 North Gate Road, Great Neck NY 11023.

The only exception is:
.17 o Mini Purse Spray Sampler is NOT eligible for return/refund
1/2 oz Cologne Humongous Minis are NOT returnable.

Please include your contact information, order number if available, and a brief note regarding what resolution you would like – a refund, or if an exchange, what you would like instead. We do not cover the shipping cost back to us on refunds, returns or exchanges. We will, however, pay any freight to ship the exchanged product to you. We will only refund shipping charges if the error was our fault. All returns more than 6 months old are eligible only to receive store credit (except for International orders).