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Foolproof Blending Duos

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Since our inception in 1996, perfumistas have taken advantage of Demeter's single note construction to personalize and customize their scent by layering Pick-Me-Up colognes directly on the skin. But for most people, blending scents can be intimidating. Read the description of a designer fragrance and you can see why, how many of us without specialized training could make sense of it?

Well no more: Demeter makes blending your own custom fragrance easy as 1-2-3, with special sets that assure you can indulge your creativity creating your own unique fragrance, without any concern about mistakes.

A Foolproof Duo is a set of two fragrances that can be mixed together successfully in almost any proportions. Now you can indulge your inner perfumer without concern about the outcome.

Each Duo contains two fragrances that that can be combined or blended together in any proportion, and simple tools to make blending easier:
  • Refillable spray bottle, so you can blend in more precise proportions than just blending directly on the skin
  • 4 Droppers – no spills
  • Funnel – no mess
  • DO IT YOURSELF Customizable label (permanent markers work best)
  • Two, 1-ounce fragrances that will love each other any way you blend them together. And, of course, they remain beautiful for wearing alone.