Foolproof Blending Library

Since our inception in 1996, perfumistas have taken advantage of Demeter's single note construction to personalize and customize their scent by layering Pick-Me-Up colognes directly on the skin. But for most people, blending scents can be intimidating.

Well no more: Demeter makes blending your own custom fragrance Foolproof. Now, using the FOOLPROOF BLENDING LIBRARY you can indulge your creativity by creating your own unique fragrance, without any concern about mistakes. The FOOLPROOF BLENDING LIBRARY has several options, for different levels of complexity, but all options have one thing in common: they make designing your custom fragrance easy.

Foolproof Blending Trio: Three fragrances in a single fragrance category, to create your own unique, personal scent without concern about mistakes. These combinations will be more complex than wearing a single Demeter scent, but are still relatively simple, as they remain linear, expressing their olfactory nature immediately, and not changing over time. So now you can blend your own custom scent, appropriate for everyday wear.

Signature Blending Trio: Change the Way You Feel with Signature Scent Blending Stories. Choose your three favorite scents from one Story to blend or layer in any combination or proportion, to create your Signature Scent - or wear alone for a fabulous single note scent fragrance experience and feeling.