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Fragrant Thoughts for June

June Nights, by Victor Hugo

In summer, when day has fled, the plain covered with flowers
Pours out far away an intoxicating scent;
Eyes shut, ears half open to noises,
We only half sleep in a transparent slumber.

The stars are purer, the shade seems pleasanter;
A hazy half-day colours the eternal dome;
And the sweet pale dawn awaiting her hour
Seems to wander all night at the bottom of the sky


Fragrant Thoughts for June

For me, June is when fragrance really comes alive, not in the bottle, but in the world. The natural world is in full bloom, and we are surrounded by the fabulous scents of summer all day long.  This time of year I love fragrances that reflect the energy and brilliance of the emerging summer.

Sunshine, Provence Meadow and Lotus Flower

Bulgarian Rose and Wet Garden

Pruning Shears and Salt Air

OK, the truth is, this time of year I like Bulgarian Rose and Pruning Shears with just about anything!

Jasmine and Moonbeam

Angel Food and Raspberry

Vanilla Ice Cream and Blueberry

Honeysuckle and Tangerine

Orange Blossom and Firefly

What are your favorite early summer blends?


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