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Fragrant Thoughts on March

Fragrant Thoughts on March aMore and more I find that my personal fragrance preferences are seasonally driven, and not merely in the sense of bigger fragrances in colder weather, or lighter versions of old favorites in the summer. Rather, I find the entire way I think about and feel about scent changes, not just with my mood, but with the weather.

Yes, I have my Classic notes that I fallback on: Patchouli, Jasmine and Sunshine are some of my favorite notes to wear or blend with, and my affection for them does not lessen with the change of the seasons. How I use them, however, might.

Which makes March in the northeastern US an interesting time for my olfactory musings, because March can feel like anything from frigid February to a beautiful summer-like day.  Indeed, while I write this on March 4th, I walked the dog in a snowstorm this morning. But by March 9th, the forecast is for 68 degrees.

So some combinations that I think give the vagaries of March justice are:

Fragrant Thoughts on March b

New Leaf & Peony
Jasmine & Dragon Fruit, or for something sweeter, Lemon Meringue
Lotus Flower, Earl Grey Tea and Flowering Tonka
Fig Leaf & Firefly
Olive Flower & Lily of the Valley

If you try any of these, let me know. And I would love to hear what combinations mean the beginning of spring for you.

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