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Fragrant Thoughts

Fragrant ThoughtsI look forward to April without fail. For me, April is truly the beginning of Spring, and emerging life in the Northeastern United States, where I am based. I love using water based scents, bright flowers and green notes, and yes, anything, absolutely anything redolent of baseball.

And if I am not at CitiField, I want to be climbing a mountain in Pennsylvania or upstate New York.  

After the New York winter, even a mild one, I want to be outside. And not surprisingly, the April smells I love the best are those outdoor scents.  So here are some of my personal favorite combinations for April.

Salt Air and Grass

Bamboo and Rain

Tropical Dots and Quince

Peach and Pink Grapefruit

Paint (who doesn't love a fresh coat of paint in the spring?) and Pruning Shears

Rice Paddy - this actually doesn't need anything to be Spring, but feel free to add a touch of Freesia or Jasmine

Dirt and Leather. Don't be afraid of adding Grass and making it a Ballpark trifecta

I hope you try some of these, and let me know your favorite springtime combinations.

Fragrant Thoughts

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