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Gingseng Root

In Chinese, the word ginseng translates to mean the essence of man (gin = man; seng = essence). In China you will rarely find a prescription from a doctor that doesn't include ginseng. We just love this distinctive, fresh and invigoratingly transparent scent.

Supplemental Love
by Every Morning Reborn
You are ginseng in my veins warm gushing sweet
you are royal honey when I lick my lips after kissing

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1/2 oz Cologne Mini Splash
1/2 oz Cologne Purse Spray
1 oz Cologne Spray
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.29 oz Roll On Perfume Oil
8.4 oz Body Lotion
8.4 oz Shower Gel
2 oz Massage & Body Oil
4 oz Atmosphere Spray
4 oz Atmosphere Diffuser Oil
.10 oz Cologne Spray Vial Sampler