Hand Sanitizer

Demeter Fragrance Library spray sanitizer contain 80% Ethyl Alcohol - the maximum amount allowed by the FDA of the active ingredient that kills germs on contact. Also, our Ethyl Alcohol is the same gentle alcohol we use in all or cologne products, so it is always gentle on your hands. Our Hand Sanitizer also use the same high quality fragrance oils that we use for our other fragrance products. So you can be safe, soft, and have a great scent experience at the same time.

All Demeter products that contain alcohol, including our HAND SANITIZER, use unpalatable alcohol that contains BITTEX, a bitter taste agent that renders our products unfit to drink.

Even more than efficacy, Demeter is different from other sanitizer because there is no other fragrance range like Demeter. Now your hand sanitizer can be great smelling and great feeling without sacrificing safety.

Available in Baby Powder, Champagne Brut, Clean Skin, Jasmine, Kitten Fur, Lavender, Mountain Air, New Baby, Pixie Dust, Puppy's Breath, Pure Soap, Rain, Sunshine, Thunderstorm, Wintergreen, and Unscented.

Baby Powder Hand Sanitizer Champagne Brut Hand Sanitizer Clean Skin Hand Sanitizer

Jasmine Hand Sanitizer Kitten FurHand Sanitizer Lavender Hand Sanitizer

Mountain Air Hand Sanitizer New Baby Hand Sanitizer Pixie Dust Hand Sanitizer

Puppys Breath Hand Sanitizer Pure Soap Hand Sanitizer Rain Hand Sanitizer

Sunshine Hand Sanitizer Thunderstorm Hand Sanitizer Wintergreen Hand Sanitizer

Unscented Hand Sanitizer

Scented Hand Sanitizer Contents: 
Ethyl alcohol 80%
Sterile distilled water 18.2125%
Glycerin .725%
Fragrance 1%
Hydrogen peroxide .0625%

Unscented Hand Sanitizer Contents:
Ethyl alcohol 80%
Sterile distilled water 18.425%
Glycerol 1.45%
Hydrogen peroxide 0.125%

5 ml available in a set of 3 unbreakable plastic pocket-size mini-purse sprays
Unscented only.

3.4 oz Scented are available in unbreakable plastic with a plastic fine mist pump