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Holiday Classics 1 oz Set

Limited Edition Foolproof Blending Trio
Myrrh, Frankincense, Mistletoe

It’s Christmas in July at Demeter and the perfect time for this Holiday Classics Foolproof Blending Set. Filled with ancient perfumes that have been used throughout history to uplift spirits, soothe souls and inspire passion, these scents are fabulous when worn alone, but they will also blend into a Foolproof scent that is uniquely you.

Warm, spicy, radiant and sensual, Myrrh is a classic and ancient fragrance ingredient, and like Frankincense, was one of the three gifts the Three Kings gave to Baby Jesus. It is also an aromatic tree resin like Frankincense and has been used throughout history as a perfume, incense and for medicinal purposes.

Demeter's Frankincense is a full, rich, woody, spicy expression of a classic fragrance note. So classic, that the Bible mentions it as one of the three types of gifts the wise men gave to the baby Jesus.

A deep, unisex, evergreen fragrance that will transport you to the very heart of the wintry forest, and whip up those romantic thoughts anytime.

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