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How do you know if a scent is for you without smelling like sour grapes?

Say Goodbye to Sour Grapes and Helloooo to Perfume!

How do you know

Being from a fragrance family, you might expect that I’ve worn every scent under the sun and have no fear when it comes to fragrance. The truth is, I’ve always had trouble finding the right fragrance because perfumes tend to turn on my skin.

How do you know

Luckily I also have a twin sister who “sniffs me out” and always tells me the hard, honest and smelly truth, no matter what. Let’s just say - I have a unique skin chemistry. Different fragrances react differently on different people's skin. This is because everyone has slightly different body chemistry, and the fragrance acts with that chemistry to create different results. So how would I know if a scent was really for me, without smelling like sour grapes?

My family has worked with many other fragrance brands in the past, many moons before the days of Demeter, but for me Demeter was different. It gave me the power to embark on my own fragrance journey with a little less intimidation than before. Demeter Fragrances are SINGLE NOTE SCENTS, which means the fragrances smell like what the say on the bottle. Grass smells like grass, Honeysuckle smells like honeysuckle, and Vanilla Ice Cream smells like vanilla ice cream. Simple, right? But what's even more spectacular is that Demeter's single note scents do not change over time. This means that right off the bat I know what the fragrance will smell like immediately upon spraying it on my skin, and that 3 hours later it will smell exactly the same. So you don't have to worry about the scent "turning on you" when you least expect it.

How do you know

Through lots of play and experimenting, it’s become clear, that no matter what, I can’t go wrong with clean and fresh scents (PHEW!). Now Laundromat, Baby Powder and Cucumber are staples in my collection. I also discovered that bolder scents like Leather smell great on my skin. Who would have known? So most of all what Demeter taught me is there’s nothing to be scared of. Fragrance is fun, and not as complicated as it may seem.

The most exciting part? I discovered that I can still wear fragrance (simple or complex) without smelling like sour grapes! With Demeter’s unique single note nature, you get immediate feedback, and through trial and error, you start to learn what scents will or won’t work for you. So just have fun and play around. At Demeter, there’s something for everyone, and if you don’t like it you can easily wash it off with soap and water.

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