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The broad range of topography, and the different related smells that can be found throughout Ireland, provides an almost endless opportunity for iconic scents.

We simply chose the ones closest to our heart - warm, soft and green and watery, clean and fresh. Think of an unspoiled meadow with a river running through it.

Ireland Destination Collection labeling is currently available as a 1 oz cologne spray. Additional products available in Classic labeling.

Product Selection
Cologne Spray 1 oz
Cologne Mini Splash 1/2 oz
Cologne Purse Spray 1/2 oz
Roll On Perfume Oil .29 oz
8.4 oz Body Lotion
8.4 oz Shower Gel
2 oz Massage & Body Oil
Atmosphere Spray 4 oz
Atmosphere Diffuser Oil 4 oz
.10 oz Cologne Spray Vial Sampler