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Mother’s Day Bouquet 1 oz Set

Mother’s Day Bouquet 1 oz Set
Foolproof Blending Trio
Bulgarian Rose, Violet, Twilight Orchid

Give Mom the gift of her own Signature Scent. In a twist on a classic concept, this Foolproof Blending set provides three classic Mother’s Day florals that can be worn beautifully alone, or in any combination or proportion. Like all Demeter florals, we seek to capture the full essence of the living flower, not some reduced or redacted version. And as an extra bonus, our Violet is 100% Natural.

Different Flowers convey different messages -
The Rose:
White – Virtue, purity, and reverence
Yellow – Gratitude
Light Pink – Joy
Medium Pink – Grace
Dark Pink – Gratitude

The Violet – Faithfulness and devotion

The Twilight Orchid – Love, refinement, and beauty

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