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100% Natural and Affordable Eau de Toilette

Demeter Naturals is the first collection of 100% Natural fragrances at prices anyone can afford, with products
between $3.50 and $29.00.

Not only does Demeter Naturals break down all price barriers surrounding natural fragrances, but they are also
uniquely constructed. Most Classic Demeter fragrances are simple and linear; they express their nature immediately
and do not change over time. Typical designer fragrances are complex, with top, middle and bottom notes,
constantly changing and expressing different parts of the scent over time. Demeter Naturals melds together the
best elements of both the linear and complex styles of perfumery, maintaining sophistication through simplicity
without forfeiting complexity. For example, from the first moment you apply it, the Rose note in Demeter Naturals
Rose will be clearly present, instantly recognizable, and always dominant - even as other elements of the fragrance
change and express themselves around the Rose, over time.

100% Natural fragrances at an affordable price: an idea whose time has come, delivered as only Demeter Fragrance Library can.