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New Year Blending Sampler Set Baby Powder, Pure Soap, Sunshine, Clean Skin, Jasmine, Lavender, Salt Air, Myrrh

Limited Edition

Demeter believes your fragrances should be as interesting as you are. This deluxe sampler set is the ultimate fragrance styling kit. Layer and explore the fragrances based on your emotion, or desired mood and create a unique Signature Scent that says YOU.

We have included 8 classic fragrances that can be combined and blended together in any proportion, or combination, directly on the skin, to create your own custom scent.

Enjoy this limited edition set while they last!

About The Set:

  • Blendable Perfume Collection -
  • Eight scents. Endless combinations
  • Layer scents together, to create custom blends
  • Mixing is easy - you spray them right on your skin
  • Follow one of our fun recipes or create your own - You can't go wrong!

Try this one:
Beach Paradise Blend
1 spray of Sunshine
2 Sprays of Jasmine
3 Sprays of Salt Air

Each set contains
• 8 different .17 oz mini purse spray samplers
• Blend formula and directions for blending directly on the skin

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