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Power Over Breast Cancer 2016

Power Over Breast Cancer 2016Join The Movement

We could not be prouder to be teamed up with breast cancer survivor and YouTuber, Nancy Valentino to create the fragrance, Power Over Breast Cancer.  

Watch her inspirational YouTube video below for an inside peak into the making-of- the- fragrance and her movement #PowerOverBreastCancer.  

While still undergoing treatment, Nancy decided to use her YouTube channel as her platform to create the movement #PowerOverBreastCancer.  In addition to her fearless decision to share the graphic details of her journey of treatment and recovery on YouTube, Nancy wanted to use fragrance and beauty to inspire, motivate and remind women they could still look and feel their best throughout treatment.  A fragrance aficionado herself, Nancy was particularly drawn to Demeter and the Power of Scent.  Creating the Power Over Breast Cancer fragrance with Nancy was the natural next step.

The fragrance launches tomorrow October 1. Demeter is donating 20% from the purchase of the fragrance to the charity: Help The FightSo Join The Movement and help spread the word by sharing Nancy’s story and the fragrance, using the hashtag #PowerOverBreastCancer.

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