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Power Over Breast Cancer

Available from Oct 1, 2017 – October 1, 2018
Demeter is donating 20% from the purchase of the
Power of Breast Cancer fragrances to the charity: Help the Fight.

Power Over Breast Cancer Power Over Breast Cancer Power Over Breast Cancer Power Over Breast Cancer
Power  Over  Breast  Cancer  No. 2     -     Power  Over  Breast  Cancer  No. 1

Smell good. Feel Good. Do Good.
For the 2nd consecutive year, Demeter Fragrance Library has teamed up with YouTuber Nancy Valentino to create a fragrance called Power Over Breast Cancer No. 2. And for good measure, we are bringing back Power Over Breast Cancer No 1. Both available all year starting in October 2017, Demeter is donating 20% from the purchase of the Power of Breast Cancer fragrances to Help the Fight.  Smell good, feel good, do good.

The Fragrance Inspiration
These fragrances are intended to inspire hope. Nancy wanted fragrances that could be worn at any time, and enjoyed by women of all ages, especially women who are fighting breast cancer. Because cancer fighters often find their senses of taste and smell are impacted by treatments, we developed these fragrances to be light and transparent and clean and wearable. For our first fragrance we included Rose, Nancy's favorite flower. One that brings her great comfort in times of stress. For our 2017 scent we used white musk, white flowers and accents of orange blossom.

Nancy said, “overall I wanted this fragrance to be light and airy and I think Demeter has done a great job capturing the essence of what I was imagining.”

Life's curveballs can spark your deepest strength and innermost power, and that is how it happened for Breast Cancer Survivor and YouTuber, Nancy Valentino. Using her YouTube channel as her platform, Nancy started the movement, Power Over Breast Cancer. Nancy's focus is to educate and encourage women to perform monthly self-breast exams to increase early detection, and to provide hope and support to current breast cancer fighters. Nancy’s fearless decision to share the graphic details of her journey of treatment and recovery on YouTube continues to inspire and strengthen the hearts and courage of others facing breast cancer.

“Being diagnosed with cancer is a very scary thing and I wanted to maintain my power throughout my whole breast cancer journey,” says Valentino.

Scent affects the way we Feel! Our strongest emotional response, above all other senses, is to smell. Reactions to familiar scents are especially powerful. As part of the Power Over Breast Cancer Movement on YouTube, Nancy uses beauty and fragrance to motivate, inspire and remind women they can look and feel their best throughout treatment. A fragrance aficionado herself, Nancy searched for the perfect scents to get her through difficult times.

More about Our Collaboration: Today Demeter and Nancy are supporting Help The Fight, a non-profit, volunteer driven, breast cancer charity, near and dear to Nancy’s heart. Help The Fight sends all money they raise directly to breast cancer fighters and those who cannot afford breast cancer screenings.

Demeter Fragrance Library's 300 fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences powerfully evoke personal memories and feelings related to those smells. That made Demeter the perfect palate for Nancy's fragrant musing. Creating a Power Over Breast Cancer Fragrance with Nancy was the next natural step.

For more information about Help The Fight visit www.helpthefight.org

To View Nancy Valentino’s UTUBE Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FigureFriendlyFoodie