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Quince is a rich yellow-green fruity entrant. The Quince fragrance by Demeter Fragrance Library is like a green apple, but light and more transparent, with more citrusy notes. It is an addicting scent. The Quince has been under cultivation since way back in the day. It is a native of Persia and Anatolia and perhaps also of Greece and the Crimea, though it is doubtful if in the latter localities the plant is not a relic of former cultivation. It is certain that the ancient Greeks knew a common variety, upon which they grafted scions of a better variety, which they obtained from Cydon in Crete, from which place the fruit derived its name of cydonia, of which the English name Quince is a corruption. There are three principal varieties of the Quince: the Portugal, Apple-shaped and Pear-shaped. The Portugal is a taller and more vigorous grower than the others and has larger and finer fruit; the Apple-shaped, which is sometimes considered to have a finer flavor, has roundish fruit, is more productive and ripens under less favorable conditions than either of the others and earlier than the Pear-shaped variety.

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