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Demeter Fragrance Library's Sambucca is inspired by the anise-flavored Italian liqueur, produced by the infusion of elder flower and licorice, sweetened with sugar and enhanced with a secret combo of herbs and spices. White Sambucca is the traditional and way more popular variety. It has a mellower licorice taste and lighter body than the more obscure black Sambucca. We understand that there are three ways to drink it: The Wimpy Way: diluted with water. The Middle Way: bite a coffee bean or two first, and then deposit them in the glass. The Coolest Way: straight up

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1/2 oz Cologne Mini Splash
1/2 oz Cologne Purse Spray
1 oz Cologne Spray
4 oz Cologne Spray
.29 oz Roll On Perfume Oil
8.4 oz Body Lotion
8.4 oz Shower Gel
2 oz Massage & Body Oil
4 oz Atmosphere Diffuser Oil
.17 oz Mini Purse Spray Sampler