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St. Patrick’s Day 1 oz Set Clover, Irish Cream, Ireland

Limited Edition

If you're enough lucky to be Irish, you're lucky enough!
Irish Saying

Think of this set as your Irish good luck charm!  An enchanting group of fragrances is to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere!

Rocky, rich, deep and green, Demeter's Clover is a celebration of not just the Clover, but the rugged and untamed nature of the Irish countryside.

Irish Cream is a sumptuous and creamy blend of Irish Whisky, Fresh Cream, Cocoa, Vanilla, Caramel and Sugar. An intoxicating smooth, mellow mix. All the aroma, no hangover.

The broad range of topography, and the different related smells that can be found throughout Ireland, provides an almost endless opportunity for iconic scents.

We chose the ones closest to our heart – warm, soft and green. Watery, clean and fresh. Think of an unspoiled meadow with a river running through it.

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