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Virtual Cookie Jar Set

Demeter's Virtual Cookie Jar Set is packed full of delicious, memory-making scents. This set comes with a 1-oz Graham Cracker, a 1-oz Brownie and a huge 4-oz Sugar Cookie. All are Demeter favorites you won't be able to resist! GRAHAM CRACKER Mmm..., brown bag school lunch treat? S'mores foundation? Yum! Demeter,s Graham Cracker is a tempting combination of honey, molasses, cinnamon and vanilla, and a staple ingredient in Demeter's Virtual Cookie Jar set. SUGAR COOKIE Yummy, sweet and simple. Demeter Sugar Cookie smells like our founder's mother's cookies, clipped from the Ladies Home Journal in 1963. BROWNIE OK Mom, I still need you for something! The name Brownie comes from the deep-brown color of the cookie. Our version is rich, deep, and of course, chocolaty, based on memories of those special afternoons when we would come home from school to find that grandma had been baking. These days, however, the most important part of the experience is that Demeter Brownie is NO-CAL.

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