What We Are

Demeter Maximizes the Bond Between Scent and Sense Memory

The most important impact from making scents inspired by reality flows from the very nature of our sense of smell.  There is overwhelming evidence that our strongest emotional responses are to scents, triggered by our sense of smell.  This means choosing a Demeter fragrance is often related to the personal emotional responses already associated with that smell.  And those associations vary wildly from person to person.

The bottom line:  everyone knows what smells are pleasing to themselves.  That simple question - "what kind of smells do you like?" - is the key to choosing your Demeter fragrances.

Personal Choice

The Demeter Fragrance Library consists consists of over 300 different fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences. In short, we are the olfactory version of “stopping to smell the roses”. We isolate and highlight the beautiful scents that surround us every day, in wearable formats.

Why so many different scents?  Because our sense of smell triggers our strongest emotional response, choosing and wearing a Demeter fragrance is a personal expression of that emotional response.  That makes Demeter the only fragrance house that is all about the user, and not about the designer.  There is no fashion to aspire to, or lifestyle to step into. Your choice of a Demeter fragrance is all about you.

That doesn't mean you should be giving up your designer and prestige fragrances; some of them are truly fabulous. But there is so much more to the power and beauty of scent than complex and big fragrances.