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Yuzu Marmalade

The Scent
Yuzu is a unique Asian citrus, with vanilla and apple-like undertones. Demeter's Yuzu scent is in the form of marmalade, so the sweetness of the fruit and sugar or honey are balanced by the sharpness of the Yuzu zest.

The Inspiration
Our travels to the Republic of South Korea exposed us to this traditional Korea treat.  The gift of a homemade batch inspired us to make this fragrance.

The Story
Marmalade Smiles

He lived in dreams 
As sweet as marmalade 

Product Selection
1/2 oz Cologne Mini Splash
1/2 oz Cologne Purse Spray
1 oz Cologne Spray
1 oz Gifting Box
3.4 oz Cologne Spray
.29 oz Roll On Perfume Oil
8.4 oz Body Lotion
8.4 oz Shower Gel
2 oz Massage & Body Oil
4 oz Atmosphere Diffuser Oil
.17 oz Mini Purse Spray Sampler