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Limited Edition Labeling of 1oz and 4oz cologne sprays and Roll On Perfume Oils

The stars and moon have collided to create a new ‘house’.  Introducing the Zodiac Collection from Demeter Fragrance Library,
encompassing the twelve astrological signs, each with a corresponding classic scent chosen to express the nature of its sign –
and reflective of its personality, characteristics and tendencies. 
The galaxy that surrounds us has always inspired a sense of wonder. Astrology believes there is a cosmic dance on the grand
scale, and one on the intimate scale, going on for each of us.
Just like you, our wondrous stars, at Demeter we believe that fragrance should be unique to fit each person’s individual style,
mood and personality. And just like a dance, we believe that fragrance should be fun.
We hope the Zodiac collection will add another element of fun to discovering, experimenting, and trying Demeter’s palette of
over 300 fragrances. Demeter invites you to play, have fun, and select a scent, or combination of scents, that best represents YOU.

Discover Your Scented Sign with Demeter