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Colección del Zodíaco

Capture the Scents Written in the Stars 

The Demeter Zodiac Collection presents 12 unique, 1.7 oz/50 mL unisex fragrances bottled in elegant Italian glass, packaged in crisp, white carton-perfect for gift giving. Each artfully designed to reflect the specific traits, strengths and energy of each zodiac sign. 

Blended with enchanting complexity, these fragrances use higher concentration of materials than our standard colognes.   The structure of each fragrance in the Zodiac Collection, however, keeps with the linear style of Demeter scents, meaning that they express their nature immediately and do not change on the skin over time. 

Most critically, Zodiac Collection fragrances can be layered and blended with others in the collection to create a uniquely personal signature scent. Each Zodiac scent is designed to appeal to the distinctive preferences of your horoscope sign. Enjoy individually, or layer multiple fragrances to perfectly represent the planetary positions of your specific birth date and time, or unite the signs of a significant other with your own, to create a shared customized scent with your friends or significant other. 


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