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About Us | Learn the 25+ Year Journey of Demeter Fragrance's Family Owned & Operated Business

About Us

The Story of Demeter Fragrance Library 

Simple. Subtle. Singular scents. Each day.  Everywhere.

In 1996, Demeter Fragrance Library was born in the vibrant East Village of New York City, marking the beginning of a new era in how we perceive and wear fragrances. Our mission was simple yet profound: to distill the essence of the garden and the boundless beauty of nature into wearable scents. This vision led to our inaugural fragrances, including Dirt, inspired by the very soil of our co-founder's family farm. This location was not just our muse but became the site of our initial manufacturing efforts, embedding the spirit of nature at the core of our brand.

As the CEO and Chief Perfumer, I've had the privilege of guiding Demeter through an exciting evolution. Our journey from capturing any imaginable scent to focusing on over 300 distinct, wearable fragrances, from the sweetness of Angel Food Cake to the crisp freshness of Mountain Air, reflects our commitment to innovation. This evolution has been rooted in tradition, with each fragrance still meticulously handcrafted in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. Our dedication to this artisanal approach is a testament to our belief in the old-world craftsmanship of fragrance creation.

At the heart of Demeter is a closely-knit team of fewer than 25 employees, including seven family members who are integral to every aspect of our operation, from scent creation to customer service. This family-driven approach infuses our workplace with a warmth and intimacy that extends to our relationships with customers. Acquiring Demeter was not just a business decision; it was a commitment to a lifestyle that prioritizes family, creativity, and a balance between work and life. While the journey has had its challenges, it has been immensely rewarding, allowing us to blend our passion for fragrance with our personal lives.

Our mission has always been to capture and commercialize the extraordinary aromas of the natural world, leading to a unique philosophy of fragrance simplicity. We realized early on that nature's scents are inherently perfect, requiring minimal intervention to be enjoyed. Our fragrances aim to deliver a photorealistic experience of their inspirations, from the floral bloom to the earthiness of freshly tilled soil, offering a direct and uncomplicated scent experience.

This approach has demystified the often-intimidating world of fragrances, making it accessible to those who were previously overwhelmed by the complexity of traditional perfumes. By focusing on single-note scents that remain constant over time, we've opened up new possibilities for personal expression through scent. Demeter's fragrances invite personalization and creativity, allowing individuals to blend and craft their unique scent stories, in stark contrast to the prescriptive narratives of designer brands.

At Demeter, we celebrate the individual and the memories that shape our lives. Our fragrances serve as conduits to those cherished moments, whether it's reminiscing about a loved one's kitchen or the serene tranquility of nature. We offer a vast library of scents, each designed to evoke joy, nostalgia, and a sense of personal identity through the simple pleasure of smell. As we continue to grow and explore new olfactory landscapes, our core mission remains the same: to enrich lives with the simplicity and purity of nature's aromas, making every day a bit brighter and more memorable with each scent we create.

Demeter F.L., Inc.

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Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm EST

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