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Foolproof Blending Stories

Foolproof Blending

Demeter users tend to be less structured and more free flowing about their fragrance experience than people who wear prestige scents exclusively. But we understand that does not mean that free form blending is for everyone. Some people are more comfortable with guardrails. And for those people, we have created Foolproof Blending Stories, a breakthrough to creating your own Signature Scent.


A Foolproof Blending Story is a collection of fragrances designed to elicit a particular kind of emotional response.  So a Foolproof Blending Story may be about a feeling, like Happy or Sexy, or a seasonal collection, like Spring.


The fragrances are curated for each collection because they can be combined or mixed in any combination or proportion, and smell fantastic!  As long as you choose fragrances within one of these Foolproof Blending Stories, you will have no problem whatsoever creating you own Signature Scent, whether you do so by layering fragrances directly on skin, o using Demeter’s Tool Kit, which includes your own natural spray Blending Bottle.