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Bubble Gum

The Scent: An aromatic tribute to 25¢ bubble gum, Demeter Bubble Gum is designed to evoke the sweet and fruity character of the iconic gum. One whiff of this distinctive perfume and you'll be off to the memory banks of your childhood, whether that's now or years ago.

The Story: Everyone at one point or another has had the distinct red, white and blue paper packaged miniature block of bubble gum; which soon became a familiar part of Americana. As a matter of fact, a psychological study of tastes and smells that bring back memories found that one of the most frequently identified items was Bubble Gum.

The Inspiration: Collecting baseball cards as a child. When the first series of the year came out, it was absolutely heaven. As the relationship between scent and memory is one of the cornerstones of the Demeter Fragrance Library, a fragrance inspired by Bazooka Bubble Gum was a natural.


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