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Mystical Blooms

Mystical Blooms is an enchanting fragrance with a core of Night Blooming Orchid and Crimson Dahlia, shrouded in a veil of elusive tobacco and musk notes. Its top notes exude a hint of enigmatic spices, like Saffron, and unique fruity scents, like Bergamot and Fig Nectar, luring you into an ethereal journey. As the scent develops, a sense of intrigue intensifies, drawing you deeper into its mysterious allure. Woods and musky undertones emerge, adding an aura of seductive secrecy. Like a moonlit garden under a starless sky, Mystical Blooms captivates with its enigmatic and haunting presence.

Haunted Souls encapsulates the essence of introspection and the haunting beauty found in the depths of the human spirit. It is a fragrance for those who embrace their emotions, exploring the shadows of their souls with grace and courage.


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