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Shadow Flowers

Shadow Flowers is an enigmatic and alluring fragrance that exudes a mysterious and haunting charm. At its core, it embraces a delicate yet intoxicating blend of elusive dark blooms, including Jasmine, Sambac, and fiery Tuberose Absolute, all shrouded in an air of darkness. The fragrance opens with ethereal wisps of misty dew-kissed sparkling peach and Orange Blossom, evoking the sensation of wandering through a moonlit garden under the cover of night. As it develops, an aura of intrigue deepens with a touch of Patchouli and an Amber accord, adding an alluring complexity to the floral bouquet.

Shadow Flowers captivates with its unique duality, both dark and light, tender and mysterious. It represents the beauty found in the hidden corners of the world, evoking a sense of fascination and wonder. This fragrance is for those who embrace the enigma of life, seeking a scent that transcends the ordinary and reveals the allure of the unknown. With Shadow Flowers, you'll leave a hauntingly elegant impression, a trail of mesmerizing allure that lingers long after you've passed, inviting others to be drawn into your captivating world of shadows and blooms.


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